Minnesota’s first solely and only competitive Axe Throwing venues sanctioned by the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF).

It’s all about the THUNK!! The feeling of planting an axe into the wood target is exhilarating. Minnesota Axe has partnered with Emagine Entertainment to provide a first-class interactive entertainment experience. We offer 8 arenas, 16 lanes, in Monticello and 6 arenas, 12 lanes, in Eagan where you can hurl hatchets, eat, drink and compete. Groups big and small have experienced the energy of this venue and we can’t wait for you to join us!

At MN Axe we employ Axe Masters. The Axe Master is experienced in the art of axe throwing. They will run your arena for you with conducting safety training, the training of axe throwing and competitive axe throwing games. They are with you 100% of your time to make the experience top notch.

MN Axe offers Walk-ins, reservations and competitive League Throwing for small groups up to large corporate events. A Walk-in is 1 hour long and $20 per person. As a walk in you are first come/first served and is based on the availability of the arenas. We can take small groups and large groups as walk-ins. We may partner smaller groups together during your walk-in time. Reservations start with 4 persons minimum and are at least 2 hours long, $40 per person. Larger groups, over 36 guests will get a discounted rate of $35 per person. With a reservation, your group is guaranteed the 2-hour time slot you have selected and is reserved for only your group. Competitive league throwing is sanctioned through the IATF with their software, Axescores and is $120 per person. You compete, as an individual, over 8 weeks to seed you into a double elimination tournament for a chance to reach nationals in Canada.

**All participants and spectators must be 14 years of age or older.**

For more information, please email MNAxeMonti@emagine-entertainment.com for Monticello and MNAxeEagan@emagine-entertainment.com for Eagan. We look forward to having you and your group experience the THUNK!